Athena v2 - Two Tone

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The Atlas Gunworks Athena is a Defensive / Duty oriented 2011. This model features a "Duty Style" trigger averaging a 3lb break. The Race model has a 2lb break, this gun can be sent back to Atlas to have a race style trigger pull weight. If you are unfamiliar with Atlas Gunworks they make some of the best hand fit 2011's on the market.

You will receive the EXACT handgun shown in the pictures above. Please note these are in our storefront and may have some handling marks. They are all shown in the pictures above.

This gun is IN STOCK - Please email to purchase, We cannot sell these on our website, yet due to payment processor issues.


What's Included:

-RMR/SRO Reddot Mounting Plate

-Iron Sight only Plate

-1x Atlas Gunworks 140mm 9mm Magazines (Lock Back)

-Atlas Gunworks Owner Packet



Duty Trigger: ~ 3lb Trigger Pull

Lockback Slide Release

Medium Curved Black Trigger