Magnet 40° Angled Single Pistol KYWI

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40° Angled Single Pistol KYWI with rare earth magent on the front. 

Magnets on belts or pouches have been a gamer thing for a long time.  Handy for retaining a partialy spent magazine or various other admin type things.


The magnet do not aid in magazine retention for the mag in the pouch.


Generic info below:

Identical to our standard single pistol pouch but hard mounted on a one-wrap Velcro base and angled 40deg. 
For belt mounting only, designed for right handed shooters.
For the 2011 option*
These are the same pouch "body" as our regular pistol pouches with the addition of a purpose built 2011 kydex insert.
PLEASE NOTE: A 2011 is a type of pistol, basically it is a double stack 1911.