Frequently Asked Questions

Do All esstac pouches include the KYWI inserts?

YES! Our KYWI pouches are designed around the inserts and require the inserts for proper function. ALL KYWI pouches include the KYWI insert.


Will KYWI Pouches work with my _____ magazine?

It depends! Our pouches are designed to fit certain magazines perfectly. They are NOT a "one size fits all solution", as no pouch that is designed that way will ever be perfect. 

5.56 KYWI mag pouches are designed around STANAG magazines. They are intended to be used with USGI, PMAG,Lancer, etc 5.56 sized magazines. 

7.62 KYWI pouches are designed around 7.62 NATO Magazines. AR10, SR25, FAL, M1A, etc. Our 7.62 Tall KYWI Pouch with a Tall insert will work with a 7.62x39 AK Magazine, but it is not perfect. 

Pistol KYWI pouches are designed and intended to be used with double stack magazines. The GAP pouches put a 3/8" GAP between the magazines to allow for easier access and to accommodate magazines with larger basepads or extensions.

Subgun: We have a few choices *currently*. Our Glock/Colt style pouches are tall variants of our double pistol pouches and work with 33rd glock magazines and colt SMG magazines. Our CZ Scorpion/Stribog magazines obviously work with CZ Scorpion and Stribog magazines.

Other: Are you working on KYWI Pouches for other magazines suck as MPX, etc...  YES Absolutely. As time allows, we are planing on expanding the KYWI lineup.


Are Basketweave pouches going to be available again?

Basketweave has been discontinued by the manufacturer for years now. We have yet to find a suitable replacement. Please do not email and ask if we can make you a pouch in it. 


Will AK Magazines work in your KYWI Pouches?

Sort of.... Our 7.62 Tall KYWI Pouch with a Tall insert will work with a 7.62x39 AK Magazine, but it is not perfect.


What are "Belt Loops"

Belt loops are our way of converting a MOLLE pouch to a direct belt mountable pouch. The 1.75" Belt loops work with 1.5-1.75" belts, and the 2" belt loops are specific to 2" belts. They are installed by removing the KYWI insert from the pouch and weaving through the rear webbing.



 Multicam Black

MultiCam Black™ cordura is designed by Crye Precision. The pattern below is a 25" repeating pattern to their spec. (The below picture is the pattern in its entirety, 25"x60") There are large voids of dark grey/black throughout the pattern. Every square inch below is MultiCam Black™  We use the entire pattern, small pouches may not always 'have a pretty instagram pattern'.


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