AICS short action KYWI pouch

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 Accuracy International Chassis Magazine (AICS) compatible KYWI pouch.

Fits the Short action magazines, .308 and 6.5 Creedmore parent cartridge family.

Also fits the SIG Cross.

 There is a large selection of aftermarket magazines using the AICS short action pattern.  If the magazine adheres to the general AICS size it SHOULD fit without issue.  Magazines similar to the AMEND2 design with their larger lower half will not fit.  Some magazines like the Ruger AI-style 10 rounder are shorter in length, and although they fit. There is only about .8" exposed at the top. Overall pouch depth is roughly 3.6". 


Known to fit

Magpul PMAG 10 7.62 AC 10 round: Fits

Ruger Gunsite Scout 10 round: Fits

MDT AICS short action polymer 10 round: Fits

MDT AICS short action steel 12 round: Fits

Ruger AI-style polymer 10 round: Fits (but short)


Amend2 AICS short action 10 round: has a chonky ass (Everything reminds me of her)



The KYWI pouch is made from laminated cordura in our "Diaper" style.  Constructed from one single piece of laser cut laminate and an internal loop field to interface with the Kydex insert.