Belts... What are they? What do they do?

Posted by Tyler on Mar 21st 2024

Belts... What are they? What do they do?

Here at Esstac , we get asked a lot of questions about belts. When it comes to duty belt/war belt set up, we like to take the less is more approach. we don’t see a point in putting every thing you can fit onto your belt!

the more slick and streamlined the better as long as it has a purpose and use. If we can do so in an ergonomic manner then that’s even better! We strive for The ability to get what you need quickly and efficiently, while minimizing weight from bulky kit. We are often asked how to set up a belt by LEO/MIL and citizens alike. With that, we often see they overdo it! They’ll have six pistol magazines, a few rifle magazines with shotgun loops stuffed with shells. Either a handful of tourniquets or none at all.

What we would like to show in the next few weeks is our personal belts set up the way we run them! to help hopefully show end users and customers alike what we find most effective.

First up! STU!

What you’ll see on Stu’s belt is a pretty streamlined set up. he has a horizontal rifle pouch that he keeps up front on his right hip. The use case for this is really for those who really know what they like. It can be used to utilize space on the belt, Traditionally considered a bad spot for anything.

“It’s for People like me , where I dislike a second rifle on side pushing dump pouch further behind let's me carry a spare in an otherwise unused spot”

he has a single 40* angled magnet pouch, which used for his primary reload. With another single 40* pouch (notice that the pistol magazines angle toward his back! this is far more ergonomic grasping so he can quickly grab the magazine with the index finger extended along the front of the magazine)

behind Stu’s pistol kywi pouches, rests another single 556 kywi pouch. Directly behind that on his left rear is a skittles pouch. (he keeps his make ready rifle mag), you can use it for tucking spent magazines or whatever else you need. Stu doesn’t ever collapse his dump pouch. being made of squadron laminate, it allows it to stay open easier with the ability to simply drop things in. And it will lay flatter when sitting in a car.

“I want it there when I need it”

Center is a tourniquet (have at least One on your person when you’re shooting!)

and then he has a little mini pouch that he uses to keep small administrative things, earplugs, batteries, his vape etc..

What you can find on most of our belts is a clean, unobtrusive easy to access design. . But overall see what works best for you.

Next post will likely be about why you should do your best to not be stuck to the grid of MOLLE…