CZ Scorpion Double Shorty KYWI Pouch

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*We will be phasing out the PALS webbing on the rear of Kywi pouches with Brookwood Laminate Squadron laser cut PALS backers. Squadron is currently in use with many of our current pouches.  During the transition, orders may contain pouches with webbing, the new laser cut backer, or a mix of both.

There is no guarantee of which version you will receive.


*Made for the CZ Scorpion Evo magazines ONLY nothing else.*


Shorty CZ EVO double KYWI pouch made specifically for CZ Scorpion magazines. Will work with 20rd and 30rd mags. Do to the extra width the molle columns are not perfect when mounting on pals webbing and will spill over into another channel.


Due to the curve of the EVO mags we recommend the midlength(1" taller) over the short for a better more stable fit.