Daeodon UNI Front Panels

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Daeodon UNI!

Please read everything fully before purchasing.  It's actually important.

This carrier is made from Brookwood Squadron Laminate primarily with a splash of Velcro and a Tegris popsicle stick with a small showing from the Duraflex Tactik twins (if you chose them) and their ugly sisters G-hooks and elastic.



1: A person who does a single thing at a time.

2: A tool, particularly a kitchen utensil, which is useful only for performing a particular, specialized task

Front panel: The front panel attaches via the Tegris hinge. It's more Quick Detach than some might think but obviously not as quick as 2 side release buckles. People changing front panels around like their socks is retarded anyways and you should feel bad, not as bad as those wanting to multi-task their chest rigs in some ghetto fashion (just stop seriously). The hinge has locks on either end, lock them for a more permanent install or don't use the locks for simple panel swaps.

Plate pockets: They are designed for common SAPI sizing and 10x12 plates. If your plate measures pretty close to the numbers below and the thickness of your plates are roughly .5"-1.2" they should fit the intended pocket. The pocket has quite a bit of adjustment via the rear hook and loop field. Unsure? Email customer support and sometime in the next Millennium they will get back to you.. (Ouch that stings - Ty) Other sizes soon, XL and S SAPI’s, please be patient.

10x12 shooters (10" X 12" duh!)
Medium (9½” x 12½”)
Large (10⅛” x 13¼”)

Shoulders: Lots of adjustment in the shoulders in a similar fashion to the original Daeodon. The front male portion penetrates the females rear section and is held firmly via hook and loop. Adjustment is super simple and can be done with or without plates installed. Simply slide your fingers between the front male portion’s velcro loop and the female’s rear velcro hook to offer protection between their mating velcro fields and slide the male portion in or out, vigorously(I see what you did there-Ty)
The shoulders are double layer Squadron laminate folded for a nice mostly comfortable rounded edge. Padding like foam or other foo-foo shit is optional and not supplied or sold by us but can be sourced from other great gear makers(note shoulders are roughly 2.5" wide with loop velcro on the under side)

Cummerbund: At launch we are offering the MID height(3 pals rows high) BUN with dual Duraflex Tactik buckles for easy don/doff. Micro adjusting for size is done via the front hook and loop interface with the larger adjustment made in the rear via the Elastic G-hook retainer(3" adjustment intervals). Everyone knows elastic is not forever so the elastic G-hook retainer is removable and easily replaced. The Tactik buckles have a quick release pull cord, yank and it opens! Other Buns will be coming soon(cobra belt, velcro only etc)

Lower front panel hinge: Used for attaching our dangler or other random hinge capable items. (Don’t be the guy to put your placard here-Ty)

This carrier is not for everyone! It's actually made for one person, me! If you like it and it does what you want, thats great! If not there are hundred's of other carriers on the market, some cheaper some more expensive. Most of them are probably more comfortable! But are there any that you can have made right now just for you? I am trying to discourage anyone on the fence from buying this carrier and am being forthright, honest and upfront about it. If you buy this you must have seen something in it that is desirable to you whether it be the looks (I really hate you… But it is sexy in that girl next door, she’s really only a 4 sorta way...) or it's lack of features and simplicity! Choosing to move forward with purchasing means you understand that our customer support guys will laugh at you if you want to return it for whatever reason, as will I. It is made FOR YOU. If we fucked it up or it just breaks we have your back 100% and will make it right!


This carrier is made to order.  Under ideal circumatances it should take 2-3 days from order placement to shipping.  But life is not ideal and shit happens but understand we will be doing our part and doing our best to get this out the door as quickly as possible.


Special Note:  At any time I may make adjustments and changes to this carrier to better it or it's production that may not be reflective of the pictures posted.  It is and will always be a continuous evolution with the UNI.  More Bun and front panel options will be coming shortly.