DBL Pistol GAP =Double Magnet= KYWI Pouch

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Choose Glock inserts for Glock magazines only
Choose 2011 inserts for all other double-stack pistol mags
1911 - Self Explanatory

For P365/43X/M&P Shield/etc., check out our P365/43X pouches:

What Pistol Kywi insert should I get? - Esstac

*We will be phasing out the PALS webbing on the rear of Kywi pouches with Brookwood Laminate Squadron laser cut PALS backers. Squadron is currently in use with many of our current pouches.  During the transition, orders may contain pouches with webbing, the new laser cut backer, or a mix of both.

There is no guarantee of which version you will receive.


Double GAP KYWI with rare earth magent on the front of one pocket.

Both pistol pockets have a magnet on the front.

Magnets on belts or pouches have been a gamer thing for a long time.  Handy for retaining a partialy spent magazine or various other admin type things.


The magnets do not aid in magazine retention for the mag in the pouch.


Generic info below:



Fits 9mm, 40cal, 45acp Double Stack Magazines. 


Glock19 magazines are the shortest  you want to use in these pouches.


(Will not work for Glock26 or similer magazines they too short in height).


Due to the GAP's in the pouch, it is intended to be used on belts and will not line up with MOLLE/PALS webbing. It is recommended to be used with belt loops, as WTF straps are not designed to be used with non standard "mini" pals webbing found on belts.