HORIZONTAL Double Pistol KYWI Pouch

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Choose Glock inserts for Glock magazines only
Choose 2011 inserts for all other double-stack pistol mags
1911 - Self Explanatory

For P365/43X/M&P Shield/etc., check out our P365/43X pouches:

What Pistol Kywi insert should I get? - Esstac

Laser cut direct sewn one-wrap velcro Horizontal mounting.  Straps are 6" long and will work on most belts 1.75"-2.25" belts.  While these are made to interface with outer belts that have Hook Velcro on the inner side they will also work on non velcro lined belts but will not be locked down for side to side shifting.


Fits 9mm, 40cal, 45acp Double Stack Magazines. 


Glock19 magazines are the shortest  you want to use in these pouches.


(Will not work for Glock26 or similer magazines they too short in height).