Langdon Tactical 92 Elite RDO

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Please note these are in our storefront and may have some handling marks. They are all shown in the pictures above.

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Description from Langdon's Website -

After years of development, Langdon Tactical is very proud and excited to introduce a Micro Red Dot capable Beretta 92. This has been no easy task as the internal workings of the 92 slide have made the "proper" low mounting of a red dot optic impossible. With the design of 5 new components and a custom mounting plate specific for the Beretta 92, Langdon Tactical can properly low mount a micro red dot optic.

When we say low, we mean very low: Our system has a dot height above the center of the bore of .85" (when paired with a Trijicon RMR), which is as low or lower than most direct milled striker-fired systems.

A re-engineered firing pin and firing pin block permits the super-secure mounting of an adapter plate that is held in place with three mounting screws, a front dovetail, and a center indexing boss milled into the slide. This plate has a built-in back-up rear sight that mates up with a newly designed front sight for the Elite LTT and other Vertec type slides. This new system is a game-changer for the Beretta 92 owners. The LTT RDO Solution for the Beretta 92 Series of pistols is currently Patent Pending. 

All RDO pistols come with a r
ed dot height front sight, our proprietary adapter plate with built in rear sight installed, an optimized performance trigger bar, a 13# hammer spring, and the LTT Trigger Job. 
All RDO guns are 'G-model'/decock only. The 92 Elite LTT ships with (3) 18 rd magazines. The Carry Bevel Model includes the NP3 parts and trigger job.

**An RDO/Optic sight is NOT INCLUDED in this package** The screws included in the package are (2) Holosun to plate 4 x 40 5/16 and (2) RMR to plate 4 x 40 3/8. TORC Spec: 10 inch pounds.