Shooters Harness Large

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Shooters Harness Large

total weight with pads 22oz

Simple slim lined load bearing harness.  I began work on this January of 2023 for a buddy and it was a fun project I have played with off and on.  Made how I wanted it and not necessarily how he wanted! 

The harness and bun are made from lasered laminate.  The rear portion of the harness connects to the lower "Butt" bun interfaced with a large 9.5" "Tegris hinge" created a wide load dispersion.  Each front shoulder is connected by another 5.5" wide Tegris hinge that spreads the load in a wider section.  The front Tegris hinge hangers can be shifted further to the side if desired or even swap sides to change the 1" webbing strap angles.

The bun(belt) connects to the rear Butt section via G-hooks and has adjustments in 3" increments(1.5" each side) with final micro adjusting done via the front 2" ITW GTSR anti slip buckle.

This Harness is what I consider the "Large".  Should be a happy fit for those in the 5'10" - 6'4" height range for the shoulder portion with its 20" from neck to the rears bottom.  With a bun adjustment range from 34-61".  The medium will be listed shortly with its slightly shorter shoulder and back harness and same adjustment range of the bun.

Important! For now the front GTSR buckle will be Tan.  Coyote brown will be replacing that Tan shortly and no ETA on black buckles.  So if you order a black type color you best break out that Krylon!



These are made to order and not stocked.  Lead time is as little as a day to a couple days depending on daily order volume.

Each harness comes with a set of 9"x2.5" x 1/4" thick shoulder pads.